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Various Cheata-related information.

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Cheata mount on Drgatsea's Hobie Getaway:
My brackets are mounted on either side of the pad eye on the rear cross bar. They do not appear to be cut. The mount is right in the center of the crossbar. I did not install it, it came on the boat. The brackets in the picture appear upside down from mine. On my boat, the beveled edge of the bracket is on the bottom. The top edge comes right to the edge of the traveler track, so the traveler can still slide by it. I had nothing to do with it - and it works perfectly - I'm sure that's not a coincidence."

Xavier's Cheata mount on Hobie Getaway:
- The mount as shipped doesn't quite fit but Peter Caras who makes the mount was very helpful on the phone.
- The bottom bracket needs to be positioned slightly off center so that the main block plate doesn't interfere. I elected to keep the engine as centered as I could to keep the thrust even.
- While the in
structions go on and on about positioning the mount while the boat is in the water to make sure there is the appropriate distance between the mount and the water, the reality is that because of the dimensions of the bottom bracket there is very little possible variations in position. I say, save yourself the time and simply position the bottom bracket with the aft edge about 11/16" from the aft edge of the crossbar. The key thing is to position it as far aft as possible while making sure that the crossbar groove doesn't interfere with the hole for the rivet. I measured the groove from the opening down to the furthest reaches at about 1", so the hole for the rivet must clear this by at least 1/8" to allow for the expansion of the rivet's head.
- Once the bottom bracket is positioned, clamp it using large lumber clamps, and drill the 1/4" holes as vertical as possible.
- The upper backing brackets shipped with the unit I received were much too long to fit, and the holes in it didn't align. I contacted Peter for instructions, and he indicated that he found the same problem when doing an install on a Getaway. He recommended cutting the forward ends to bring the holes in line with the bolts from the bottom bracket. After much alignments, measurements and sightings, I ended up cutting almost half of the upper brackets. I assume Peter will have new casting made for future units.
- Once the holes are all drilled and everything lines up, make sure you have a can of Lanocote on hand to coat the bolts and rivets so that you prevent corrosion between the stainless hardware and the aluminum of the crossbar. I used to get Lanocote at West Marine years ago, but they don't seem to carry it anymore (do people really mount their SS hardware on their aluminum masts without isolation?). Anyhow, Boaters' Word carries it and gets my business from now on!
- Don't tighten the bolts too much as they won't really carry much weight, and all you'd do would be to compress the crossbar.
- The rivets are stainless and can't be installed using the cheaper rivet guns. You'll have to get a decent tool for this.

The unmodified top brackets. I tried positioning them both ways, but neither worked to get the proper alignment. The black lines are the marks I made before I cut the parts.

The position of the bottom bracket.

The position of the bottom bracket.

The entire mount installed.

Cheata mount on Adrian's Hobie Getaway:

I've just received the mount (July 19, 2006) and I will install it in the next days. Here is what you get with the package:

The top brackets seem to be different from the ones from David and Xavier (they seem already cut to bypass the problems experienced by Xavier):

The top brackets don't have a beveled edge anymore.

I will add more picture as I go ahead with the installation.

About Cheata:

- Contact information:
Cheata Outboard Motor Brackets
Peter A. Carras, President
PO Box 1234
Hobe Sound, FL 33475
Tel 407 746-0479

- Which motor to u
se? Short shaft and low horsepower (i.e. 15" transom height 1.5-2.5 HP or electrical). For example, Honda BF2 (model 2D6SCHC - 2 HP).

- Can be ordered from Hobie dealers: Hobie catalog.  Page 42. #3184 US$ 400.00 (CAN$ 529.00)